🔥Getting Started

Step1: Connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain (Metamask)
  • Go to XXX

  • Scroll down to the end of the page.

  • On the left we will see a button with the metamask logo and the legend "Add BSC Network", we simply press there.

  • A new Metamask window will pop-up, we accept everything and that's it.

Step 2: Add $Pepe CEO Token to your wallet (Metamask)
  • Go to the $Pepe CEO contract page on BSCScan.

  • On "Profile Summary", press the three dots icon.

  • Now press "Add Token to Web3 Wallet".

  • A new Metamask window will pop-up, accept everything.

Step 3: Fund with $Pepe CEO your addressStep

You simply have to have BNB (or another cryptocurrency) in your wallet and go to PancakeSwap, paste the $Pepe CEO contract, select the amount you want to buy and press "Swap"!

Step 4: Challenge your friends and show off your skills with Pepe CEO

Have fun!

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